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Our Company Bringing On Work Since 1980.

We are proud of being first company in Punjab to be certified by CPCB to manufacture compostable bags.
Estb. in 1980 by Sardar Sohan Singh Ji whose primary concern has always been that of customer satisfaction with new research and development.
Having accumulated rich experience of over 40 years and developed professionalism, we are now dedicated to develop new products with new technology upgradation and product innovation to help customer beat competition and satisfy their needs.

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Unlike standard plastic bags, compostable bags are made of vegetable matter, such as corn or potato starch. When exposed to enough moisture and air, the bags will compost, right along with whatever was placed inside them. These bags decay over short period of time so is environment friendly.


These bags are blend of Poly lactic Acid (PLA) & Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT). It will take about 12 months for the material to completely disintegrate and form organic compost. It helps in improving the quality of soil.
  • 01 Renewable

    Made from the renewable, Bio-degradable compostable material.

  • 02 Non-Toxic

    100% organic compostable bags are much safer for food as compared to plastic bags.

  • 03 Helps Retain Soil Quality

    Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill and provides the earth with life-promoting nutrients.



We are Building Products For Future.We have 40+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services works listed below.

Compostable Garbage bags

Garbage Bags are available on demand in various sizes and strengths. Available in black and green colors and can be...

Dairy Products Packing

We provide composable food grade bags for milk, curd and other dairy products packings.

Shopping & Carry bags

We provide chemical embedded technology with innovation and digital capabilities to transform ....

Agriculture Mulch Films

Our main goal is to get major growth in agricultural output for better agricultural services and products and eventually helps in better crop production.

Industrial Liners

Used specifically for the moisture proofing of the industrial material and can be made as per customer requirement.

Woven Sacks

HDPE woven sacks are used in packaging of heavy duty industrial material like cattle feed, flour and cement etc

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